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  • Heart of California Tour 2018

    This year we hosted our 3rd annual Heart of California Orchard and Field Tour. Each year we learn so much from the Food Bloggers and Retail and Foodservice Registered Dietitians that we invite on the tour. 

  • Heart of California Tour 2017

    We invited 20 Food Bloggers and Retail and Foodservice Registered Dietitians to join us on a 3 day tour of our canneries to learn about the canning process. We are inspired by their knowledge and enthusiasm for Canned Fruits and Tomatoes

  • It All Counts

    At Pacific Coast Producers, we believe success is not the result of a few major initiatives. Rather, our success can be attributed to building upon these initiatives and all the small things we do, every day.

  • Pacific Coast Producers 2018    

  • The Roots of Pacific Coast Producers

    A brief and inspiring tale about the growers of Pacific Coast Producers.

  • The History of Pacific Coast Producers

    The history of PCP as told by the Micheli family.

  • Foundations

    Our Foundations have been built up over the past 40-plus years. There are hundreds of things we do on a daily basis to lead to our success – this video is an overview of those layers and the people who have helped us grow. Our goal is to make our Foundation stronger for those who will follow in the future of this great cooperative venture.

  • Sustainability: The Ability to Endure

    Sustainability can be described as the capacity to endure to meet the needs of the present without compromising that for future generations. This video highlights Pacific Coast Producers Grower-Owners and what they are doing to ensure Sustainable practices. It also highlights our facilities and what they are doing to ensure that each year we are more sustainable than the last.

  • The People of Pacific Coast Producers

    Meet a few of the dedicated employees that make our company what it is today.

  • California Farmlands and Canneries

    A musical overview of farming and canneries in California!

Did You Know?

Canned fruits and tomatoes are packed within just a few hours of being harvested at the peak of ripeness.