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  • Thank A Farmer – Colin Muller

    One of our grower-owners, Colin Muller, talks about tomatoes with our industry partner Tomato Wellness. 

  • Thank A Farmer – Rudy Lucero

    Our very own, Rudy Lucero, affectionately referred to as the Tomato Whisperer, shares his thoughts about tomatoes. 

  • The Roots of Pacific Coast Producers

    A brief and inspiring tale about the growers of Pacific Coast Producers.

  • Sustainability: The Ability to Endure

    Sustainability can be described as the capacity to endure to meet the needs of the present without compromising that for future generations. This video highlights Pacific Coast Producers Grower-Owners and what they are doing to ensure Sustainable practices. It also highlights our facilities and what they are doing to ensure that each year we are more sustainable than the last.

  • The People of Pacific Coast Producers

    Meet a few of the dedicated employees that make our company what it is today.

  • California Farmlands and Canneries

    A musical overview of farming and canneries in California!

  • Frank’s Tomatoes

    Frank Muller, PCP’s Chairman, walks us through farming tomatoes and what California Agriculture is all about.

  • Tomatoes: Fresh as Fresh CAN Be!

    This video takes you through the California Tomato industry from farm to table… Fresh as Fresh CAN be!

  • Just Peachy

    Gary Thiara talks about the joys of farming Peaches in California.

  • Home Canning with Nadine

    This video walks you through the Home Canning process. You’ll learn a little bit more about those tin cans you see in the grocery store too!

Did You Know?

Canned fruits and tomatoes are packed within just a few hours of being harvested at the peak of ripeness.