Canned Food Month

February is National Canned Food Month! Each & every year we take this time to remind others of the countless benefits canned fruits & tomatoes have to offer. Join us by following along all month long as we celebrate the most recyclable food package in the world & participate for a collective effort to recognize & honor all canned fruits & tomatoes.

The People

It takes an army to make canned food possible! From the growers, truckers, to our employees working at our facilities, to the retail and foodservice customer who bring the items to you. Learn about the people who make canned foods possible.




The Science

There are many nutrition based studies that support the value canned foods have to offer. Understand the science behind canned fruits and tomatoes and eat with confidence thanks to the “magic” of the centuries old canning process.




The Daily Life

So now what do you do with all these canned fruits and tomatoes? Get inspired & learn new ways to add canned foods into your daily life.




The World

Canned fruits and tomatoes contribute to a sustainable future. From the no waste approach to canning fruits and tomatoes, technological advancements in the field and cannery, to the recyclability of the can itself. Understand how canned foods contribute to a better tomorrow.





Learn more about the benefits of canned fruits and tomatoes from how our growers cultivate the crops, to how they go from field to can, and why it’s important to remind consumers of the benefits of using canned foods in their daily lives.


The Importance of Steam Peeled Tomatoes

How Canned Tomatoes Combat Food Waste

Join the Celebration!

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