Crop Report: March 20th, 2020

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Conventionals – Transplanting currently in process. Some growers experienced delays in transplanting this week due to mild rain but continued as the weather passed with no issues.

Organics – Transplants have been completed and plantings continue to grow nicely. Received some light rainfall with the weather system that passed this week.


Organics – All fields have blossomed and are in petal fall. Leaves are continuing to show. Irrigation has begun for frost protection. All normal cultural practices and crop protection continue.

Conventionals – Orchards are transitioning through various stages of harvest based on their geographical locations. Leaves are present in all fields areas showing signs of bud, bud break, and jacket loss occurring as buds push into flowers. This week’s weather system left fields with minimal to signifigant rainfall; the Madera and Kingsburg area received as much as 1.1”-1.8”. A hail storm in the Hughson area Tuesday night only effected one grower with minimal to no damage. Pruning continues due to lack oflabor. All normal cultural practices and crop protection continue.


Full bloom is estimated to begin next week through the month of March across all orchards. Warmer weather is needed in the coming weeks to progress the crop and achieve higher bloom coverage. Timing is still one week ahead of average. Normal cultural practices and crop protection continue.


Vineyards received 1.1”-1.8” of rainfall from this week’s weather system. This was nice to see rainfall moisture on the ground as we are behind the average rainfall for this winter. Cultural practices including irrigation continue as needed.


Over the past weekend some cherry growing regions experienced frost due to a weekend weather storm. In low areas there was limited damage however, it was minimal enough that it will not effect the overall estimated crop size.


Orchards received over an inch of rain last week. The additional moisture was welcomed and no damage has been reported. More leaves continue to push blocking the small cots. Nomral cultural practices and crop protection continue.

Did You Know?

Canned fruits and tomatoes are packed within just a few hours of being harvested at the peak of ripeness.