Crop Report: May 24, 2019


Growers continue to thin their orchards and are nearly finished. Labor has been a little tight due to the cherry crop this year which has dragged out the process. The second round of sizing took place to compare crop progress to last year and gauge harvest timing. Most areas are on track compared to 2018 numbers with some areas showing sizes slightly behind. This is due to the cooler weather and rain this time of year. This could mean a potentially longer harvest season but it is still early to tell. We will continue to monitor fruit growth. Normal cultural practices continue with growers reporting no damage from the recent hail in the area.


Pear Shapes – This crop is maturing and growing nicely. These fields recevied a few inches of rain during recent storms but no crop damage.
Conventionals – Transplanting was put on hold for 5 days last week during the recent storms. Most fields received nearly 3 inches of rain. No damage due to the weather. With weather permitting, transplanting should be completed next week.
Organics – Some fields experienced hail damage during the recent storms as seen below. This will result in harvest dates being pushed back from original forecasts and potentially lower field yields. 70% of the crops remained unharmed.


The cherry crop continues to look good for quantity and quality. We have had cool wet weather this past week, which was good as we needed the moisture since the first two weeks of May were so warm and dry. The weather is expected to be warmer and drier next week. NOAA’s three months forecast for Oregon is forecasting below average temperatures from now till the middle of July. As of May 24, Degree Days are still close to 2018. Expected harvest start dates are still June 10-15.


Growers are monitoring closely for mildew due to the recent storms. As needed growers are applying fungicides to combat the extra moisture with crop set. Northern growers received more rain than southern growers. Fruit set is progressing along as expected.


Crop is maturing and growing nicely. There were a few inches of rain that fell on the fields over the weekend. No hail damage was indicated.


Apricots crop report May 24, 2019

Growers have received a significant amount of rain over the last week with one more day of rain in the forecast. Drier and warmer weather will come (and hopefully stay) early next week which will help with fruit development. Cultural practices continue in all orchards and crop potential continues to look well above normal.

Lodi, CA Weather

7 day forecast May 24, 2019 in Lodi, CA

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