Crop Report: May 7, 2019


Thinning is taking place throughout. Fruit is making good progress and sizing nicely with the warmer weather. We will have a better idea of crop potential as more growers finish thinning their orchards. Growers continue to irrigate and perform normal cultural practices as needed.


Pear Shapes – This varietal is progressing right along. Plants are looking good and strong.
Conventionals – Transplanting continues, weather conditions have been favorable and growers have been doing an excellent job.
Organics – Plants are continuing to grow. We are starting to see blossoms with some regularity. Full bloom is right around the corner.


The cherry crop continues to look great in both quantity and quality. This last week we had some evening lows of 30°-34°F for very short periods thankfully with no crop damage. Degree day accumulation from April 1 through May 3 are tracking consistent with 2018. Degree day means that due to the close relationship between temperature and insect growth, crop managers can predict when many insects will be active by recording temperature data. This means we’re anticipating the first load of cherries June 10-12. We usually start out slow the first 2-3 days, peak on day 8-12, and maintain that level till the season starts to wind down. The 10-day weather forecast for both Washington and Oregon is for 70°F plus.


Growers are seeing the onset of grape bloom as shown in the image to the left. The vineyards are conducting their own version of thinning, pulling leaves inside the canopies to allow bunches more room for growth. Irrigation occurring as needed.


Growers have completed thinning and are anxiously awaiting to see the results as fruit drop begins over the next few weeks. Most growers are just a week out as results typically take 8-10 days. Growers believe that the remaining fruit will size well. Cultural practices continue in all orchards.


Our last grower/member has begun thinning with plenty of time left for sizing. Five-pound samples will be taken later next week to help determine how well fruit is sizing. Weather forecast shows mild temperatures, which should boost fruit development. Fruit continues to grow at a uniform rate. Crop potential continues to look above average. Cultural practices continue in all orchards.

Lodi, CA Weather

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Canned fruits and tomatoes are packed within just a few hours of being harvested at the peak of ripeness.

Did you know