• Daniel L. Vincent

    President, Chief Executive Officer

  • Matt Strong

    Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer

  • Peter C. Wtulich

    Vice President, Information Systems & CIO

  • Andrew K. Russick

    Vice President, Sales & Marketing

  • Kathi J. Shull

    Corporate Secretary

  • Zeb Rocha

    Treasurer / Corporate Controller

  • Dan Sroufe

    Vice President, Operations

  • Steve Freeman

    Vice President, Field Operations

  • Mona Shulman

    Vice President, General Counsel

  • Mark Vallee

    Vice President, Business Development

Foodservice Sales

  • Ted Kontopoulos

    Sr. Director, Foodservice Sales

  • Pete Hansen

    Director, Foodservice Sales

  • Paul Paoli

    Midwest Sales Manager

  • Marshall Frey

    South East Sales Manager

  • Stephen Reed

    Stephen Reed

    Southwest Sales Manager

  • Barbara Lyons

    Military Sales

Retail Sales

  • Beau St. Germain

    Director, Retail Sales

  • Linton Hall

    National Sales Manager

  • David Zuzich

    Director of Customer Service & National Sales Manager

  • Tami Iverson

    Marketing and Export Sales Manager

  • Nate Romberger

    National Sales Manager

  • Robb Loop

    Retail and Export Sales Manager


  • Michelle Copeland

    District Field Manager, Pears

  • Rudy Lucero

    District Field Manager, Tomatoes

  • Jeff Barron

    District Field Manager, Southern Peaches, Grapes, Apricots

  • Desiree Dowell

    District Field Manager


  • Chris Ward

    Director, Operations

  • Mike VanGundy

    Manager, Lodi Plant

  • Paul Fairbanks

    Manager, Oroville Plant

  • Josh Yarbrough

    Manager, Woodlant Plant

  • Robert Jeremic

    Director, Supply Chain/Distribution

  • Brian Henrickson

    Distribution Operations Manager

  • Brad Rice

    Director, Internal Logistics

  • Steve Anderson

    Oregon Cherry Growers VP, Operations

  • Steve Kollars

    Oregon Cherry Growers VP, Technical Services

Liberty Foods Trading

  • Gary D'Agostino

    Sales Imports Consultant

Quality & Customer Service

  • Brian Flood

    Director, Quality Assurance and Technical Services

  • Eric Fairbanks

    Customer Relations Quality Manager