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Pacific Coast Producers is an Agricultural Cooperative

Owned by 158 family-farms located in Central and Northern California. We specialize in canning fruits and tomatoes for Private Brands throughout the world.

Meet Our Growers

We are an agricultural cooperative owned by over 150 family-farms located in Central and Northern California. Many of our growers are third and fourth generation farmers and take great pride in what they do. Our growers have sustainable practices and harvest the highest quality fruits and tomatoes - so we can produce the best products possible for the world to enjoy.

Visit Oregon Cherry Growers

Oregon Cherry Growers is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Coast Producers. Oregon Cherry Growers has been one of Oregon's largest food and beverage category producers since 1932. Our growers farms cover more than 2,500 acres of cherries in the bountiful Willamette Valley and along the Columbia River Gorge with plants in The Dalles and Salem.

Learn About Our Crops

With the passing of the seasons each year, our orchards, fields, and vineyards cycle through their life stages to produce high quality product for harvest. It is up to Mother Nature and the hard work of the farmers and their crews to make harvest possible year after year. Learn about the latest field updates to see how the crops are progressing along for the upcoming harvest.

Did You Know?

Canned fruits and tomatoes are packed within just a few hours of being harvested at the peak of ripeness.