Our Growers

Celebrating the incredible diversity and generations of our growers who hail from various backgrounds! Their unique contributions bring forth a multitude of success stories to our company. We honor the dedication and perseverance of these exceptional individuals. Join us in discovering more about our growers and their families!

  • Anthony Laney

    Although Anthony Laney started farming his 52-acre orchard of Cling Peaches in 2003, this fourth-generation farmer has had agriculture running through his veins his whole life!

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  • Bruce Rominger

    Bruce J. Rominger and his brother Rick Rominger own Rominger Brothers Farms in Winters, California. He grows tomatoes, rice, wheat, corn, sunflowers, oat hay, wine grapes, almonds and walnuts; he loves that he is able to do something different every day.

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  • Button and Turkovich

    The Button and Turkovich Ranch located in Winters, California, was established by the Button family in the 1850’s. The ranch is currently run by Tony Turkovich and his son, Michael Turkovich.

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  • Chris Frieders

    Chris, a fifth-generation farmer, grew up on a pear ranch and knew at a young age that he wanted to pursue the family lifestyle as a farmer. “For me, farming isn’t work,” Chris says, “It’s my life.”

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  • Colin C. Muller

    Colin C. Muller is a third generation farmer in Woodland, CA. Colin focuses on processing tomatoes with his cousin, father, and uncle.

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  • Dougherty Family

    The Dougherty family has been involved in agriculture in the Sutter Basin, near Robbins, since the before the Great Depression.

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  • Filter Farms

    Learn about how the Filter family came from Germany in the 1800’s and became California farmers.

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  • Frank Muller

    Today in its 49th year of production, the farm employs over 100 people, and Frank focuses mainly on the business aspects of the operation.

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  • Gene Robben

    Gene Robben is a grower and a rancher through and through. Robben has owned and operated Robben Ranch since 1972.

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  • Grewal Bros. Farming

    Grewal Bros. Farming was established in 1985 and is currently owned by brothers Ranbir Grewal (Left), Bob Grewal (Middle), and Gurdial Grewal (Right). The brothers and their mother, Sarjit Grewal, began this business when they purchased a 52 acre block in Kerman, CA. Over the years, they have grown Grewal Bros. Farming into a large, […]

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  • Hemly Family

    The family-owned farm, Greene and Hemly, is a fully integrated operation that grows, packs, and markets its pears and apples.

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  • J.H. Meek & Sons, Inc.

    Steve Meek is the President of J.H Meek & Sons, Inc. and 3rd generation family farmer in Yolo County. His son, Sam Meek, is a 4th generation farmer for the family business as well.

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  • Joe Rubino

    Joe Rubino loves California apricots: a true heirloom fruit.  A third-generation apricot grower, he comes from a long line of Rubinos, committed to safeguarding this flavorful, delicate, specialty crop.

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  • Julie Filter-Correll

    Julie Filter-Correll’s ranch is located in Live Oak, CA and she grows peaches, prunes and walnuts.

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  • Justin Micheli

    The Micheli family business got its start many years ago, dating back to the 1900’s when his great-uncle, Dan Pasquini, purchased the first piece of land of the Micheli farms.

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  • Karm Bains

    Karm Bains is a fourth-generation California cling peach farmer who grows peaches, prunes, walnuts and almonds in Sutter and Butte

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  • Nav & Sarbjit Athwal

    Nav Athwal (left) and his father Sarbjit Athwal (right) are apricot growers in Westley, California. The family runs Trinut Farm Management, Inc. and have been farming in Northern California for over 30 years. When they purchased their first apricot orchard in 2004, they joined our agricultural cooperative and have been members ever since.

    Sarbjit and his […]

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  • Payne Brothers Ranch

    Payne Bros. Ranches, located in Knights Landing, California, is operated by brothers William Payne and Robert Payne. Payne Bros. Ranches specializes in alfalfa, almonds, cucumbers, garbanzos, pistachios, hybrid sunflower seed, tomatoes and walnuts.

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  • Rajeev Davit

    Rajeev Davit has been a Peach grower for Pacific Coast Producers for over 20 years. His ranch is located in Yuba County, where he also grows prunes, rice, walnuts and almonds.

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  • Rodney Stackhouse

    Rodney knew at a young age that he wanted to be a California grower.

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  • Shindi Thiara

    In 1964, Shindi Thaiara’s father and two uncles bought their first 20 acre peach ranch on Sawtelle Avenue in Yuba City after working in labor camps for 4 years. Growing up with his whole family in farming, Shindi was influenced to participate in the family business.

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