Peach harvest finished up on September 5th. We fell short of our block by block estimate. The many continuous days of over 100 degree heat took a toll on the fruit this year. The field staff noticed even firmer varieties of peaches did not have the ability to hold for long. Most growers faced a smaller than normal window of time to harvest their fruit at optimal ripeness.

Peach Fuzz Report – September 12, 2017:


According to the final 2017 delivery report issued by the California League of Food Processors, cling peach deliveries this year totaled 295,097 tons, down 8% from last year’s 320,721 ton crop. The 2017 cling peach crop amounts to the smallest crop on the fewest bearing acres in modern history. The Statewide average yield amounts to 16.3 tons/acre, down 8.4% from last year’s 17.8 ton/acre average yield.


River harvest wrapped up on August 10th. All growers were able to fulfill their contracted tonnage. Linden harvest finished up on August 5th with all growers coming in close to their tonnage.

The Mendocino harvest wrapped up on August 26th and the Lake harvest finished on September 6th. Growers were also able to fulfill contracted tonnage.

Northwest Pears: The Northwest saw significantly reduced crop volumes this summer. The reduction was caused by a light crop set in the Lower Yakima, Mid Valley and Wenatchee districts in Washington. Smaller average Pear sizing reduced the crop further and resulted in what appears to be a 14.6% shortfall in Northwest pear tonnage.


Apricot harvest finished up on June 27th. Most growers came up short of their original estimates. Only two growers reached their PCP membership tonnage. The short crop has impacted all players in the apricot industry. On the bright side, size and quality of the fruit was very good.


Organics – Harvest concluded on August 1st.

Pear Tomatoes – Harvest is complete. Fruit and crop quality were good.

Conventional Tomatoes – Crop continues to be be yielding in an unfavorable manner this summer. Field returns have been hard to predict with the split/extended sets. Our estimated production completion is September 30th. The statewide estimated final tonnage is 10.2 million tons, which is 2.4 million tons fewer than last year.


Cherry harvest is complete. Cherries had good size, color and firmness.


Grape harvest is finished. Fruit size was small, but the quality of fruit was good. This pack is now complete.