Woodland Tomato Plant

A conveyor belt with vibrant orange flames on it, found in a woodland plant cannery operated by Pacific Coast Producers.

Woodland Tomato Plant

In 2001, Pacific Coast Producers (PCP) purchased what is now the Woodland Tomato Operation. The plant had formerly belonged to Contadina, and had been purchased by Del Monte Foods. At the time Del Monte sold the operation to PCP, it was a small tomato paste operation. Between July 2001 and the July 2002 processing season, PCP completely reworked the plant to take it from a small paste operation to one of the largest retail tomato canning operations in the world. The plant produces some 250 SKUs of retail and foodservice tomato products, from whole tomatoes to diced, sliced, crushed and stewed, to sauces and paste. PCP has since added more lines and products to the mix, including our new taco simmering sauce and salad ready tomato products. The Woodland plant has focused on sustainability by reducing water use, and recycling byproducts from the operation such as peels, seeds and stems. This facility is currently focusing on reducing greenhouse gases and energy efficiency, to continue our path toward a sustainable future.

Did You Know?

Canned fruits and tomatoes are packed within just a few hours of being harvested at the peak of ripeness.

Did you know