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Summer 2016

  • PCP’s Heart of California Tour
  • Dallas Focus Group Findings
  • New Call-Outs
  • Featured Profile on Grower Tony Turkovich
  • Featured New Items

Spring 2016

Tomatoes in Truck
  • PCP’s Stance on BPA
  • Steam Peeling Abilities
  • Call Outs for Canned Items
  • Avalon Orchards Progress
  • Food Can Sustainability and FAQs
  • Featured Profile on PCP Peach Grower Anthony Laney

Summer 2015

  • Steam Peeling Capabilities
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Avalon Orchard (PCP New Plantings)
  • El Nino Predictions
  • Chicago Focus Group Learnings

Spring 2015

Tomato Field
  • California Water Update
  • Produce for Better Health Foundation’s State of the Plate Report
  • Everything You Need to Know About Drip Irrigation
  • Increase in Canned Fruit Sales

Fall/Winter 2014 – 2015

Bowl Line
  • Quality Driven Investments to Improve Plants and Products
  • New Research on Consumers’ Thoughts on Canned Food
  • Can Call Outs for Fruit and Tomato Products

Summer 2014

Full Bloom Pears
  • Sacramento Focus Group Findings
  • Featured New Items
  • Crop Progress Update

Spring 2014

Anthony Laney
  • Bio on PCP Peach Grower Anthony Laney
  • Crop Progress Update
  • Steam Peeling Capabilities

Did You Know?

Canned fruits and tomatoes are packed within just a few hours of being harvested at the peak of ripeness.