Salem Plant


Salem Plant

In 2017 Pacific Coast Producers acquired Oregon Cherry Growers. The acquisition added two production facilities: one in Salem and another in The Dalles. The Salem facility produces maraschino cherries and other cherry products in various styles, colors and flavors.

See below for a brief timeline of the Salem Plant

  • 1932 Willamette Cherry Growers Inc. was formally incorporated as a cooperative with 53 cherry growers.  “WCG” immediately rented a facility on Trade Street in Salem and installed 2 brining tanks.
  • 1933 – WCG needed more space and rented part of a building owned by the Oregon Packing Company, located on South 14th Street in Salem, and installed more brining tanks.
  • 1935 – WCG purchased some land and a building on Woodrow Street from Cascade Meat Company and consolidated its operations to that location.  (The history book shows an aerial view of the facility from 1951, showing over 70 tanks.)
  • 1961 – WCG bought all 16 acres on Woodrow and Sunnyview.  By 1963, WCG had 120 brining tanks at the Salem facility.
  • 1971 – WCG began making actual maraschino and glace cherries.
  • 1984 – WCG merged with The Dalles Cherry Growers, creating Oregon Cherry Growers, Inc. (OCG)
  • 2017 – OCG was acquired by Pacific Coast Producers (PCP) and briefly held as a subsidiary called Oregon Cherry Growers, LLC.
  • 2020 – The LLC was dissolved and previous “OCG” facilities became simply another division of PCP, now referred to colloquially as the PCP cherry division.

Did You Know?

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Did you know